Cup Draws Season 2021-22

Rolling subs should be allowed in the County Cup Competitions (Senior Cup and Plate, Cups 2-5).

For all Cups - 10 player interchanges will be allowed regardless of the number of agreed replacements.


Cup Dates – NRU Cups 2 to 5
If a Prelim Round is required, this round will be played before Christmas.   
Quarter Finals – Saturday 5th February (Scotland v England at 4.45pm – so suggest early kick offs) 
Semi Finals – Saturday 19th March (France v England at 8pm) 
Finals – anticipating dates of the 2nd and 9th April, with the 23rd April as a reserve date. 
(Note, we won’t be asking for entries for Cups 2 to 5 until mid October to allow clubs time to get teams re-established)


Cup Dates – CANDY 
Quarter Finals – Saturday 20th November 
Semi Finals – Saturday 26th February (England v Wales at 4.45pm – so suggest early kick offs) 
Finals – 9th and 16th April