17s Playing Adult Rugby (Regulation 15.6)

Season 2020-21 - updated regulation and information to support 17 year olds playing adult rugby.

This becomes regulation from the 1st August.

This two-step process has been introduced as a result of clarification by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) on safeguarding requirements when underage players play in adult sport.  17 year olds are still considered to be children and this process helps our clubs to react to this change and support the appropriate transition to adult rugby.

Attached are a number of documents to support CB’s.

           1.       CB Guide – This provides guidance and what a CB should expect on   

           a  club and player approval form.

2.       Club Guide – This details the rationale, will support clubs with their submission and help CBs to further understand their role.

3.       Regulation 15.6 Playing Adult Rugby – This shows the two-step process to play adult rugby which ensures clubs have a Safeguarding Officer and CB approval to play-up 17 year olds and then, that each individual player has also undergone a club assessment approved by the CB.

4.       Playing Adult Rugby Club Approval Form. The document which clubs will complete and submit to CBs for approval.

5.       Playing Adult Rugby Player Approval Form. The document that approved clubs will need to complete for any 17 year old they wish to play adult rugby. This form will need to be sent and approved by the CB.

Information is available online at www.englandrugby.com/regulations.