Youth Discipline Procedures

Club Chair of Disciplinary and Schools and Colleges
Season 2021-22

Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered to administer the RFU Age Grade Discipline Regulations in Northumberland.

My role is to be available to advise you on matters concerning Age Grade Rugby discipline in Northumberland CB - schools, clubs and colleges.

Please note the Sanctions Table is there to ensure consistency throughout the Age Grade Game when dealing with Disciplinary matters.

However any findings or sanctions need to be reviewed by myself as Northumberland AGDS and signed off - agreed.  If deemed unreasonable, e.g. not relating to the sanction table, then the matter may be referred to the National AGDS.

Age Grade discipline shall be dealt with as per the disciplinary process and in accordance with those procedures and the sanctions table - RFU Regulation 19  appendix 6 when deciding on the sanction for the player the Regulations and Sanctions these are attached below.

Important points are:

The player is suspended from all forms of rugby until the disciplinary matter has been dealt with - there has been a Hearing and the CBAGDS has endorsed the outcome.

Hearing - For under 14 players and above the Club Age Grade Discipline Panel should conduct a Hearing asap; I will be available to advise the Panel - max of 3 people - please refer to 1.4 of Appendix 6.

Reporting - for under 14 players and above, the match official report - attached - must be received by myself within 48 hours of the completion of the match. I will then ensure the club, school, college, DPP, County and Academy are informed. The Hearing should be asap and the CBAGDS must receive the Report on the Hearing within 48 hours. 

I have attached an outline letter for Clubs, Schools and Colleges to consider when informing Parent[s]/Guardian.  This may also be utilised to inform myself of the outcome of the Hearing.

Chris Davy

Mob. 07742 054040