Youth Discipline Procedures

Club Chair of Disciplinary and Schools and Colleges
Season 2019-20

Dear All
Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered to administer the RFU Age Grade Discipline Regulations in Northumberland.
My role is to be available to advise you on matters concerning Age Grade Rugby discipline.
Age Grade discipline shall be dealt with as per the disciplinary process and in accordance with those procedures and the sanctions table - RFU Regulation 19  appendix 6 when deciding on the sanction for the player.

The RFU procedures also state that you should report disciplinary incidents to myself within 48 hours.
I have attached an outline for a letter for Schools and Colleges to consider when informing Parent[s]/Guardian.  This may also be utilised to inform myself.

I have to report to Northumberland Disciplinary Secretary and to ERFSU Governance identifying any areas of concern e.g. 10.4 [f, g & k] shouldering or inappropriate adult involvement in school and college age grade rugby.
Therefore may I ask you to forward electronically any Reports of discipline issues within 48 hours.
My role is to give advice and collate information for consideration by NRU - clubs and the ERFSU - schools and colleges.  I hope disciplinary incidents remain few in number, but if they do arise please deal with them promptly and in line with the age grade disciplinary procedures attached.  If there are any areas of concern please contact me 
Chris Davy  ERFSU Disciplinary Officer