Northumberland Safeguarding Update

Tuesday 10 January 2017

To all Club Safeguarding Officers, Club Secretaries and County Youth Officials

Northumberland Safeguarding Update

Happy New Year to you all and I hope that you have had a good start to the new year.

The RFU have asked that all clubs, officials and all those involved with children, are again reminded of their responsibilities regarding safeguarding following the issues emerging at the FA.   I would also ask you to remind them again of the following points listed below that apply to them.


Safeguarding and Discipline Documents on the NRU website

These were discussed at our meeting in September and an email was sent to you a few weeks ago.  I would suggest that you print the two introductions, one page each, to safeguarding and discipline and circulate to all those involved with mini and Youth rugby.  The other documents are for reference as required.



It is important that you regularly monitor your club's DBS list to ensure that sufficient time is given to renew those that have expired.  Coaches with an out of date DBS must not supervise or coach children until it has been renewed and a new certificate been issued. If additional information is required by the RFU then it should be contacted as soon as possible.

Increasingly some club mini and youth teams are supported by a admin. helper that also acts as a link with parents. Following a query by a club and a response from the RFU, I can confirm that this role does not require a DBS under current legislation.


Playing Up and Playing Down forms

These must be fully completed for all players each season and then sent to the County office for approval.  Only when the forms have been returned to the club, indicating approval has been given, can a player play up or down as requested.  If after a week, the forms have not been returned, you should contact the County office.  Some coaches seem to be unaware of this requirement and the consequences of a serious injury could have severe implications for the club and coach.  Please make all coaches and officials fully  aware of this requirement.


Club Self Assessment Forms

Many thanks to all clubs that have returned these forms.  If you have not returned one to me for this season please do so within the next two weeks.  In most cases this may only require minor changes to last year's document. Its a good way of ensuring that all your safeguarding procedure are in place.


Reporting Concerns or Incidents

These should be reported to us as soon as possible and you can do so first by email or telephone.  Clubs must not begin any club investigation, other than getting information, until they have been informed by the RFU or myself to do so.  Such action could prejudice any investigation by the police, RFU or the County.

Please remind all club officials, coaches and parents that any concerns must be passed to you, as the CSO, for action. Many clubs have a photograph of their club safeguarding officer(s) with their names and contact number prominently displayed for all to see.  This is good practice and needs to be kept up to date.  


Many thanks for your continued efforts with Safeguarding at your club

Alan Heinzman

Gary Robson


Alan Heinzman, Northumberland Rugby Union Safeguarding Manager, 22 Rayleigh Drive, Wideopen, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE13 6AQ Tel. 0191 2362987 Mob. 07511 644483


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