RugbySafe Forum - Monday 4th December

Friday 03 November 2017


                                                   RugbySafe Forum

             Monday 4th. December Gosforth RFC, Broadway West NE3 2HY
                                                    6.30pm – 9.00pm
Northumberland Rugby Union are organising a very important Forum for Clubs, Schools, Colleges and Universities in their geographic area.

We are very fortunate to have Rachel Brown, RFU Player Welfare Manager and Alan Moses, RFU Area 6 Training Manager.

RugbySafe over view – Rachel Brown

Northumberland Projects 2017-18

  • Medical - Chris Davy and Cathryn Clark to explain; this will include the Concussion Protocol
  • Refereeing and Coaching - Alan Moses; this will include Rugby Activate and the RFU Coaching Awards this season

Discussion - "Duty of Care" is very important in our society; how can we help particularly our clubs in conjunction with schools, colleges and the universities to provide appropriate 
- first aid/immediate first aid pitch side provision? Can you achieve?
- provide suitable training courses – what is needed for 6-11 for each team, a venue?
- equipment stocks and general maintenance? First aid kit, defibrillator..
- emergency action plan and risk assessment
- process is in place to keep records of player medical conditions and Report serious injuries in line with RFU regulations
- PFR 2018-19, coordinate with the Northumberland RugbySafe Lead
We expect each Club to send at least one representative and hope to have people from our schools, colleges and universities.

Please email Chris Davy - with details of the people attending by Friday 17 November.
Chris Davy  Northumberland RugbySafe Manager
Cathryn Clark  Northumberland RugbySafe Assistant Manager

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