Scott Powell: Living the dream .....

Monday 11 March 2019

  • Scott Powell

Northumberland RFU Community Rugby Coach, Scott Powell, is living the dream!  Scott was successfully nominated to work alongside the England team and their coaching staff on a part time basis for approximately seven months, assisting with the preparation and training for matches etc. 

His duties involve making sure that any training is set up correctly for the players and coaches alongside their kit man, shadowing the England coaches and generally making sure the sessions run smoothly.  Once the session is complete, Scott is then able to chat to the coaches, players and other support staff about the aspects and attributes of the training etc.

Scott has so far been involved in the match preparation days, during the 6 nations matches and will continue to be involved during the lead up to the World Cup 2019.

Talking about his experiences to date, Scott says “it’s been an amazing opportunity to be involved in this high level environment and to see the professionalism and attention to detail that goes into each session and how everyone communicate with each other.  I’ve learnt so much about how England run their sessions, how they coach and the off-pitch work they put in.  It has already had a great influence on how I coach and I look forward to sharing my experience and what I have learnt with fellow coaches as part on an ongoing CPD commitment.  I hope to continue to keep progressing as I attend more sessions.”

Good luck Scott for the rest of your time with the England squad and we look forward to seeing the benefits in Northumberland of all the great new coaching skills you have picked up during this incredible experience.

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