Wednesday 22 May 2019

NRU Cup Competitions - No4 Cup & Plate - The Junior Challenge Shield

Note – to encourage matches to be played, teams in this competition can play with less than 15. The match should be played with even numbers (15 v 15 , 14 v 14 etc) but if this is not possible, there can only be one extra player on the opposition side (15 v 14, 14 v 13 etc).


Quarter Final Round Cup – to be played Saturday 19th October 
Ashington 3 v Border Park 
West End v Ponteland Pythons 
Blyth 2 v Whitley Bay Rockcliff Rangers 
Gosforth Phoenix v Novos Centurions 
Losers from the Quarter Final Rounds can drop down into the No5 Cup “Afternoon of Rugby”.


Semi Final Rounds Cup 
– to be played on Saturday 29th February

Cup Semi Final - Winner of Ashington 3/Border Park v Winner of West End/Ponteland Pythons

Cup Semi Final – Winner of Blyth 2/Whitley Bay Rockcliff Rangers v Winner of Gosforth Phoenix/Novos Centurions

Losing teams in the in the Semi Final are in the Final of the No4 Plate


Cup and Plate Finals – to be played on Saturday 4th April at venue tbc 
No2 Cup Final – Winner Cup SF v Winner Cup SF
No2 Plate Final – Loser Cup SF v Loser Cup SF

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