Walking Rugby at Whitley Bay Rockcliff

Wednesday 03 July 2019

Walking Rugby at Whitley Bay Rockcliff RFC

Dates: 17/07/19, 24/07/19 and 31/07/19
Time: Wednesday 1.30pm - 3.00pm

For more information, please see the poster at the foot of this page. 


What is Walking Rugby?
Walking Rugby is intended to be a simple version of Rugby suitable for ex-players, injured players and non-players of all ages, abilities and genders. It is a touch rugby game developed to be an open and fun social sport for those looking to play an enjoyable, active and competitive passing game using a rugby ball. Most players will probably be approaching or past retirement age and no longer be able or prepared to indulge in full-on rugby as played by those younger. Sporting enthusiasts will enjoy the pace and competitiveness of the game, while former rugby or netball players will welcome the flexibility walking rugby offers.


Why Play Walking Rugby?
• Welcoming environment
• Fully inclusive in all areas
• Friendly competition
• Developing new skills
• Health & fitness benefits – active lifestyle
• Structured fun activity
• Great fun and enjoyment
• Accepted regardless of experience
• New friendship group
• Social circle benefits
• Post activity refreshments and interaction with others
• Links to other low key sports and groups

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