TackleSafe and Activate - eLearning

Tuesday 08 December 2020

Return to Rugby - Stage E 

Please find below access to two on-line elearning resources which may assist you now rugby has moved to Stage E. 


TackleSafe eLearning

This updated eLearning resource will support you to Coach & Referee the Tackle safely and effectively. It will cover; preparation to tackle; coaching through Skill Zone/ Game Zone approach, understand and apply the laws.

To access this free eLearning course, please follow this link http://bit.ly/RFUtacklesafe


Activate eLearning- Video Introduction

As you prepare to reintroduce contact rugby Activate should be a part of your pre training and match routines. Our Activate research has proven to:

  • Reduce Concussion by 59%
  • Reduce Match Injuries by 79%
  • Reduce Lower Limb Injuries by 40%

Access the free Activate resources here http://bit.ly/RFUActivate

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