Postponement of County Meetings and Closure of the County Office due to Coronavirus

Friday 13 March 2020

Re: Postponement of County Meetings and Closure of the County Office due to Coronavirus 

Due to concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus, the Board of Northumberland Rugby Union have decided to postpone the General Meeting at Whitley Bay Rockcliff RFC on Monday 16th March. Unless you are notified otherwise, the next General Meeting will be on Monday 18th May at Morpeth RFC.

There were some items that were due for discussion at the General Meeting on Monday and updates on these will now be communicated to you electronically where possible.

Should you have any urgent questions, or information, that would have been raised at the General Meeting please let me know and we will deal with them.

The Board has also recommended that all NRU Meetings should be postponed and the final decision on whether the Meetings will take place will be for the Chairs of those Meetings. However, there will be no Meetings at the County Office until further notice. The County Office is now closed to visitors until further notice and all communication with Claire and the County will need to be electronically or by telephone.

The position on the playing of County games, festivals and training is under further discussion in NRU and with the RFU and outcomes will be sent out by the responsible Directors and their Team Managers in due course.

It is the responsibility of Clubs and Schools to make their own decisions on whether to play matches etc and they should consider the advice of the Government and the RFU in making their decisions, however, this advice is likely to change rapidly in future as the transmission of Coronavirus increases.

This is a difficult time for everybody but it is most important that everyone’s safety and not spreading Coronavirus are our priorities.

Jim Coulson

Hon Secretary



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