Return to Play

Thursday 30 July 2020

Return to Play

As you will have read in the numerous updates, we are currently at Phase B of the Return to Play protocols (attached). We have a fair way to go until we get to a full return to play (phase F) although we believe further guidance may be forthcoming soon.

Both nationally and locally, a number of complaints in relation to teams training in breach of the current guidance have been received. As it stands, groups should be fewer than 6 with no close contact work.

It appears that there may be a misunderstanding of the guidance and the RFU Discipline team have been made aware of everything from live scrummaging, rucking drills to normal training programs.

NRU considers an "education first" approach is the best course of action and has issued various updates across many different platforms including the County website, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and to Club Representatives at the General Committee meetings.

Clubs and individuals are respectfully reminded of the guidance and the need to follow it, not just from an RFU perspective but also from a Public Health England perspective. Clubs should also aware that if they train outside of RFU guidance then it is likely that their liability and injury insurances will be voided.

The RFU have advised CB Discipline Secretaries that where a club and/or coach are found to have breached the guidance this should be investigated as a disciplinary matter which may result in a disciplinary charge under Rule 5.12 [‘conduct prejudicial to the interests of the game’]. In keeping with the education led approach minor breaches are likely to dealt with by means of a warning but significant or persistent breaches may result in formal disciplinary action against either the club or the coach.  The Rugby development team are working on further infographics and training guides for Clubs that will be distributed when they become available.

If you have any questions about the RTP process or advice on how to deal with any club/coach issues, please let us know.  Any queries or concerns regarding the disciplinary aspects should be referred to Kingsley Hyland.

Pete O’Brien                                   Lee Weatherley

Director of Governance                Director of Youth & Education


Contact Details for Kingsley Hyland:

Mob. 07775 842596


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