Has your club thought about the benefits of walking rugby?

Thursday 25 March 2021

  • Kendal

Have you thought about including a 'Walking Rugby' offer at your Club?  There are many benefits to hosting such an activity and it is a very inclusive version of sport for a wide range of participants.

Walking Rugby can help your club in the following ways;

  • Diversifying your rugby provision
  • Opening up new membership groups
  • Utilising your club when it is otherwise unused
  • Providing additional revenue streams
  • Bringing families into your club
  • Recruiting new players
  • Bringing back old players
  • Retaining current players
  • Recruiting new volunteers
  • New user groups to the site on the back of the walking rugby

This is not an exhaustive list and it is certainly an option worth considering. Attached are some details around the Kendal model that is very much aimed around the 50+ Age Group and has been hugely successful. However with Walking Rugby being available to a vast range of participants there are other great models such as Walking Family Touch Rugby - something that really benefited Whitley Bay Rockliff in between the lockdown periods. 40+ players from different families socialising on a Friday night on a weekly basis, this is something the club are looking to continue going forward as a positive lesson from Covid.

This is part of a series of RFU updates for Clubs to support various aspects of development. For additional information of Walking Rugby, please see the RFU Document - Here

If this is something your club are considering and would like support, please just send an email to Liam Nicholls, RFU Club Developer at LiamNicholls@RFU.com.


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