Project Hadrian - What is Project Hadrian?

NRU Project Hadrian

Over the last few weeks members of NRU’s Board of Directors have been working hard to ensure that it can support our Northumberland clubs both during the Covid-19 crisis and to ensure that we are in shape to resume rugby one day. To meet these needs we have launched Project Hadrian that has four workstreams focusing on:   

COUNTY - Ensuring compliant efficient and funded NRU operations

CLUBS - Helping our clubs survive and prosper

RUGBY - Engaging our players, coaches, referees and medics ready for a rugby re-boot 

COMMUNICATIONS - Leading on consistent proactive communications

This work is encapsulated in the attached document and we have asked clubs for their feedback. 

Rugby Reboot

Please note that the Rugby Reboot plan contained with Project Hadrian is very much in draft form, as we just don’t know when rugby will be permitted to return or in what format yet, so this plan will remain flexible until we receive full playing guidelines from the RFU.  We do hope that all clubs will contribute by suggesting changes that would best suit their particular needs.

Please send your thoughts/suggestions regarding Project Hadrian to the following three directors:

The NRU Board of Directors are also keen to help and assist with any particular issues your rugby club may be facing.  If there is something we can help with, please feel free to email any of the above three directors and they will ensure that this is passed onto the relevant Director to get in touch with you to discuss and support where required. 

Stay safe, happy and healthy everyone!