Subject: Local Covid Restricitons for the North East of England from 18th September 2020

As per the guidelines from the RFU and local authorities, we are still at stage D, therefore all rugby activity can continue within the parameters set out in Stage D.

It should be noted that it is recommended that no spectators are present unless they are a parent required for childcare responsibilities, and those parents should maintain social distancing and groups no larger than 6.

Consideration should be given to informing your local community and police that rugby activities are permitted within the parameters of Stage D of the RFU Return to Rugby Roadmap, as there have been cases of the public not being aware of the guidelines and reporting rugby clubs to the police.

Your Club Covid-19 risk assessment should be updated to reflect any changes implemented in order to comply with new restrictions.

Restrictions could change at short notice and we will do our best to notify you as soon as we hear anything definitive but local authority websites will be the first place for changes to be announced.

Please use the following links for further guidance:

Government north east restriction guidance

RFU Covid centre