Merit Table Season 2018-19

Northumberland Rugby Union Merit Table Rules

1.The competition is open to any Northumberland and Durham club teams that are not regularly competing in league rugby.  The matches arranged as players are available can be against league sides but are more likely for other clubs in similar circumstances.

2. The Competition shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Rugby Football Union.

3. The competition will be managed by the Northumberland Competitions Committee hereinafter called the committee.

4. The Committee shall have the power to alter or add to Rules of the Competition.

5. All questions of qualification of competitors and interpretation of Rules shall be referred to the Competitions Committee through the County Administrator.

6. Any complaint of protest about the failure of any club to adhere to the Rules of the Competition must be submitted in writing to the Committee within seven days of the alleged breach.

7. Administration

The match results must be phoned or e-mailed to Claire Sharpe (, the merit table administrator, by the home club and the away club giving the opportunity for both sides to earn points.    Early notification of results will permit an updated and meaningful merit table.  Clubs potentially not meeting the deadline may be penalised.

8. Notes for participating teams

Teams are encouraged to play even if they have ten players. 

When teams play short please ensure that you play with equal numbers.  

The opposition are encouraged to lend players to the team that are short. 

As teams may not be playing with a full complement, if both sides agree, the time played can be reduced to two halves of 30 minutes or the size of the pitch may be reduced. 

Common sense should be used to adapt the game to the number of players available.


Merit Table Points System

A team playing at home and losing                   1 point

A team playing away and losing                        2 points

A draw                                                             2 points

A win                                                                4 points

Try Bonus     1 try              1 point

                     2 tries           2 points

                     3 tries           3 points

                     4 tries           4 points

                     5 tries (max)  5 points

Losing Bonus within ten points                          1 point

Maximum Points possible for an away win        9 points