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Lead Coach - Dougie Hall       Mob. 07917 612871

Information on this page is specific to the North Area (U13's) ONLY.

Please note this page will be updated from time to time with messages for players and parents.  Letters are not being sent to players - all information you need will be here.

Alternative contact (if unable to get in touch with Dougie) is Claire at the County Office as she will be able to help with any queries (0191 2864399 / )


Copy of post on DPP Facebook page – 24.08.17

DPP Update - Dates

Hi everyone, as I am now back from holiday, over the next week or so I am going to have a bit of tidy up on the page and delete some of the old posts. 

So that everyone has correct information, I thought a summary of remaining dates for block 2 (sessions held over the summer) would be useful so here goes:

Under 13’s (going up to U14’s this season)

City and North U13’s (going up to new season U14’s) – no sessions outstanding

West U13’s (going up to new season U14’s) – one session remaining and that is on Tuesday 29th August at Ponteland RFC, 6.30pm to 8pm.

Coast U13’s (going up to new season U14’s) one session outstanding – date to be confirmed.

The block then finishes with the Festival at Kingston Park on Saturday 2nd September, 10am to 12 noon (meet in the SOUTH Stand).

Block three dates (as Under 14’s) begin in late January and I will put these dates up in due course as they are already in the calendar – just let me tidy the page up first!

Under 14’s (going up to U15’s this season)

City and North U14’s (going up to new season U15’s) – no sessions outstanding

West U14’s (going up to new season U15’s) – one session remaining and this is on Monday 4th September at Tynedale  RFC, 6.30pm to 8pm.

Coast U14’s (going up to new season U15’s) – one session remaining – date to be confirmed.

The Final session for U14’s (new season 15’s) – ALL FOUR AREAS TOGETHER - leading into the selection Festival is on Friday 20th October at Novos RFC, 6pm to 7.30pm (see the post from Lawrence on 18th August).

I can now also confirm the date for the Under 15’s Selection Festival at Kingston Park, as Sunday 22nd October.  More details on this will follow in due course, but you now have the date for your diary. 

I will keep in touch and of course if anyone has any queries, don’t hesitate to drop me a note either on here or to the county office e-mail address ( ).





Morning All!
The Under 13's Festival will take place on SATURDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER at Kingston Park from 10am to 12 noon. On the day we will be based in the SOUTH STAND concourse as there is an event taking place in the West Stand (so dont go there as who knows what you will end up doing!!). We will be using two pitches - the main pitch and west pitch. As we will be on the main pitch, the usual request for clean ...and mud free rugby boots will be circulated! Dont worry, I will post a reminder with all relevant information for the morning nearer the time!
The Festival on the 2nd is the final date in this block of DPP dates for this age group, who will now have a break until mid January. The dates for block three are already confirmed so once we get this weekends DPP events done, I will post the next block of dates for each area so you can update your calendars. Claire


06.06.17 Ladies and Gentlemen, its taken a bit longer than I had hoped but please find the link for those of you wishing to buy the Newcastle Falcons and Northumberland Rugby DPP Official Canterbury Kit, supplied by RugbyGear. Happy Shopping!  Lawrence


02.06.17 - Concussion Information for Parents  - please see downloadable document at the foot of this page.  


NORTH DPP Dates - Block 2

Wednesday 14th June – Under 13’s from 6pm to 7.30pm, Under 14’s from 7.30pm to 9pm at Berwick RFC

Wednesday 28th June – Under 13’s from 6pm to 7.30pm, Under 14’s from 7.30pm to 9pm at Alnwick RFC

Wednesday 12th July - Under 13’s from 6pm to 7.30pm, Under 14’s from 7.30pm to 9pm at Morpeth RFC

Saturday 22nd July - U13’s and U14’s at KP from 10am to 2pm

Fri or Sat 1st or 2nd September – Under 13’s (as now) Festival at KP.   (No session on this date for the Under 14’s.)   The Festival finishes the block for the current Under 13’s.  The next block for this group (as Under 14's) begins on the 15th January. 



04.05.17 Dates for the Block 2 DPP Sessions – Under 13’s

Hello again!  Following on from the very successful Festivals held on the 9th April, the next block of DPP dates are now being finalised.

Before we post them, we wanted to give you the reasons why we designed the block the way we have.

The main block of dates (four in total) will fall in June and July with their Festival (5th date in the block) taking place either on the 1st or 2nd September (dependent on pitch availability at KP). 

We have decided to go with the slightly earlier summer dates to avoid, as much as possible, people being away on summer holidays as we know we had some disappointed boys who were unable to attend block one sessions as they were away.  

We have also decided to avoid holding any DPP training sessions September and October for a multitude of reasons…

-          The move from Under 13 to Under 14 - the boys have enough to deal with moving up the age grade rugby calendar and all that entails with the bigger pitch, lineout and scrum changes and kicking at goal now allowed. 

-          Many of the boys will also be moving up to High School so have huge changes to contend with within their school life.

-          There is the Friendly Festival at the end of September

-          We don’t want to over-play the boys and ram them with so much rugby they can’t think straight!

-          And finally - we want them to enjoy their rugby – not see it as a chore!

Within each block of five there will be one date which is based at the Falcons and is a four hour session.  This will be split into an hour in the Falcons Gym doing Strength and Conditioning, an hour on the pitch spent on specialist skills, an hour playing conditioned games and an hour for lunch.    We will give you more information on this session once the dates are released. 

So keep an eye out – dates will be coming soon!