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Lead Coach -  combined coaching team

Information on this page is specific to the City Area (U14's) ONLY.

Please note this page will be updated from time to time with messages for players and parents.  Letters are not being sent to players - all information you need will be here.

Please contact Claire at the County Office with any queries (0191 2864399 / )


19.10.17    Under 15’s – Information for Sunday.

Please find attached the Team Sheets for Sunday. 

If you are attending on Sunday, please check you are listed. 

If you cannot find your name on the sheets please see Lawrence at Novos on Friday evening as he will be there with these sheets so will be able to add you to one of the teams that night.  

Please make a note of your lead coach as you will need to find him on Sunday when you meet up in the WEST STAND.    

Also attached – pitch information and game schedule alongside timings for Sunday.

Hope everyone has a great day.



18.10.17 - copy of facebook post 


Hi Everyone

(All Areas – both age groups – all parents)

Following the Under 15’s Festival on Sunday 22nd October this facebook page will be cleaned.
The page is being cleaned to ensure we follow County Safeguarding procedures (the right people are on the right pages) as the 15’s move on from DPP. We are doing the clean now as the Under 14’s are on a break.

To re-join the facebook page, you will need to answer the security questions – Lawrence and I won’t add you in unless you do!

I will also be cleaning the website pages so you can now follow your age group for this season.
There will be nothing on the Under 13’s pages (they dont start until January), but there will be information on the Under 14’s pages (dates for the next block of training).
Under 15’s now need to go to the County Under 15’s page on the website.

With regard to the Under 15’s – all players will be written to following the Festival on the 22nd and your son/guardian should receive a letter by the end of November.
There will be two County Under 15’s squads and their season begins in January.
There is a County Under 15’s facebook page and parents for players in the squad will be directed to this page in due course (there will be security questions on there as well for when you join that one!).

I hope everyone involved in Under 15’s has enjoyed their time in the DPP and I look forward to seeing the Under 14’s at the next block of fixtures beginning in January.

Best regards to everyone


16.10.17 - copy of facebook post 

*****Under 15's Festival on Sunday - Timings*****
Hi All
Just been speaking to Lawrence, here are the timings for Sunday...
11am meet at Kingston Park
Games start at 12 noon...
Festival should finish around 4pm.
If there are any further updates I will let you know.



06.10.17 - copy of facebook post 


I trust everyone is well, staying relatively injury-free and looking forward to the Festival on Sunday 22nd October. We have had some very exciting news from the Falcons Academy Staff who are running the Festival, but I’m afraid we cannot share it with you until the day! It does mean, however, that we need EVERYONE to reply to Claire at the County Office VIA EMAIL ( THIS FACEBOOK POST to say:

1. ...If you are available to attend, what your name is, which Centre you are attached to and what your Preferred Position is
2. If you are not available to attend, what your name is, which Centre you are attached to, the reason you are not attending

We need this information to pass on to the Academy AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and by Sunday at the very latest please - perhaps do it RIGHT NOW so you don’t forget!

Looking forward to catching up with you all very soon




06.06.17 Ladies and Gentlemen, its taken a bit longer than I had hoped but please find the link for those of you wishing to buy the Newcastle Falcons and Northumberland Rugby DPP Official Canterbury Kit, supplied by RugbyGear. Happy Shopping!  Lawrence


02.06.17 - Concussion Information for Parents  - please see downloadable document at the foot of this page.  


CITY DPP Dates- Block 2

Saturday 10th June – Under 13’s from 10am to 11.30am, Under 14’s from 11.30am to 1pm at Northern RFC (on second team pitch)

Saturday 1st July - U13’s and U14’s at KP from 10am to 2pm

Saturday 8th July – Under 13’s from 10am to 11.30am, Under 14’s from 11.30am to 1pm at Northern RFC

Saturday 22nd July - Under 13’s from 10am to 11.30am, Under 14’s from 11.30am to 1pm at Northern RFC

Fri or Sat 1st or 2nd September – Under 13’s (as now) Festival at KP.   (No session on this date for the Under 14’s.)   The Festival finishes the block for the current Under 13’s.

Friday 20th October – Under 14’s (as now, so new season U15’s) training from 6pm to 7.30pm at Novos RFC

Sat or Sun 28th or 29th October – Under 15 Festival at KP 


04.05.17 Dates for the Block 2 DPP Sessions – Under 14’s

Hello again!  Following on from the very successful Festivals held on the 9th April, the next block of DPP dates for the Under 14’s are now being finalised.

Before we post them, we wanted to give you the reasons why we designed the block the way we have.

The main block of dates (four in total) will fall in June and July with their Festival (6th date in the block of 5!!!) taking place either on the 28th or 29th October (dependent on pitch availability at KP).    We are adding in one additional date to this block which will be the final training session before the Festival and this will take place on Friday 20th October.

As with the 13’s we have decided to go with the slightly earlier summer dates to avoid, as much as possible, people being away on summer holidays as we know we had some disappointed boys who were unable to attend block one sessions as they were away.     The extra date in October has been added to give the boys some final preparation time before their Festival which for them will be the selection festival for the Newcastle Falcons Academy and County Under 15’s.

As with the Under 13’s going up to 14’s, for the 14’s going up to Under 15’s we have decided to avoid holding any DPP training in the first half of the new school term as there will be enough going on for them with new years in school and new workloads to deal with in addition to all their club and schools sports starting again. They also have the Friendly Festival at the end of September.  We don’t want to over-play the boys and ram them with so much rugby they can’t think straight and stop enjoying the game!

Within each block of five there will be one date which is based at the Falcons and is a four hour session.  This will be split into an hour in the Falcons Gym doing Strength and Conditioning, an hour on the pitch spent on specialist skills, an hour playing conditioned games and an hour for lunch.    We will give you more information on this session once the dates are released. 

So keep an eye out – dates will be coming soon!