North Under 15's (up to end December)


Lead Coach - Dougie Hall       Mob. 07917 612871

Information on this page is specific to the North Area ONLY.

Please note this page will be updated from time to time with messages for players and parents.  Letters are not being sent to players - all information you need will be here.


Training Season 16-17

Falcons Festival - Sunday 30th October.   Information for parents and players here:



The DPP Scheme (Area Rugby) has been extended to include Under 15’s and is now a three year programme.  

Last seasons Under 14’s (this new seasons Under 15’s) will now move through to the next age group and continue in their U15 Area teams (North, West, Coast and City) up until the end of December at which point two County based groups will be selected.  Members of U15s North and Coast Areas will combine to form a 30-35 player (approx.) Eastern Northumberland County Group, while members of U15s West and City Areas will combine to form a 30-35 player (approx.) Western Northumberland County Group.  These groups (Western and Eastern) will then continue through the 3rd year of DPP and undertake fixtures (in March/April) against similar County teams from Durham and Cumbria.

As the DPP programme has extended to Under 15’s, there is NO overall single County Under 15 side. Players in the U15 Area and County Groups should refer to the U15 page for information. 

Last seasons Under 13’s (this new seasons Under 14’s) now move up to year two of the DPP programme.  

The new season Under 13 group will not begin DPP training until January 2017 as the new programme works to the calendar year.  Nominations for the new Under 13 group will be asked for in November.  The nomination process is also being simplified to reflect other age group rugby, with coaches now only asked to send in contact details for their nominated players (previously a coaching form had to be completed).  Once contact details are received for nominations, players will be written to so the programme can be explained to them and all relevant information given to them.