Injured Player Protocol

Northumberland Rugby Union

Protocol for how we protect injured players

i. Referees – Below are detailed guidance notes of the requirements of the Referee in the event of a serious injury. 

The Referees Society Injuries Form, should be returned to the County Administrator and then to the County’s Injured Players Welfare Officer, both details appear in the Members Official Handbook.  It would assist them in contacting the injured player if a name and telephone number were added to the Referees Society Injury Event Form.

ii. Clubs and Managers of County Sides – Any serious injuries where a player has attended hospital should be reported as soon as possible to the County Injured Players Welfare Officer, details above.

Where the player is kept in hospital overnight an RFU Reportable Injury Event Form should be completed, example attached, and returned to the RFU Sports Injuries Administrator at the address shown at the bottom of the form.

iii. Players – All Club and County Players from aged 16 to senior level are fully covered by the RFU personal accident insurance currently arranged with Royal Sun Alliance via Perkins Slade Insurance Brokers.  Under 16 players have a modified Death Benefit.

Cover is also afforded whilst travelling to and from rugby training sessions and matches.  There is now a dedicated telephone number 0121 6988001 for any RFU Insurance enquiry.

In the event of catastrophic brain or spinal cord injuries you will note that the RFU have an injured player’s foundation with benefits up to £300,000.

The RFU offers support .  Additionally, Northumberland Rugby Union, via the Injured Players Welfare Officer, also offers support to ensure the player is receiving the correct medical attention and in the event of financial hardship consideration will be given to physio fees and out of pocket expenses.

Any queries regarding this Protocol should be referred to the current Injured Players Welfare Officer, Keith Atkinson.