Under 8's Festival

Copy of e-mail sent to coaches 30.03.18

Hi All,

Please see details to pass to your parents.  

I apologise for the delay in getting this to you but I only had confirmation of all teams this week so organising this has been a challenge.  There are 20 teams, one will be a baa baa, if you have a coach keen to run the Baa Baa's I'd be grateful. I can nominate one of my coaches but frankly between running the tournament and our own teams I'd appreciate the help.  There will be three pools of team one of 8 the other two of 6, while the pool of 8 will have two extra games it means in each pool the teams will always be playing with no hanging around between matches.

Please make sure your parents are aware of the parking situation - there is no parking at the ground for parents, this is restricted to team managers/coaches as well as volunteers.  They should not park in the streets around the ground either as it just leads to chaos. Anyway, this is all covered in the attachment folks.

The TREDS trophy we have will be awarded by nomination.  On the day each team's coach will have a nomination form, the team with the most votes will win.  Basically nominate that team that has most lived up to the RFU TREDS values.

Lastly I have had two teams player registration forms back.  If you do not email them to me they need to be brought on the day.

Any questions please let know.



0783 465 2978