Contacts & Useful Documents

Contact Tel Nos - Alan Heinzman (County Safeguarding Manager)

H. 0191 2362987      Mob. 07511 644483

Contact Tel Nos - Gary Robson (Assistant County Safeguarding Manager)

H. 01434 634182     Mob. 07717 201931


On this page are documents that Club Safeguarding Officers may find useful to assist them in their every day support of club activities.

Doing DBS Checks on England Rugby (New Game Management System)

Guidance for Recruiting Coaches and Volunteers

Under 13 Girls Rugby Dispensation - memo from the RFU circulated to all clubs on 19th June).

Goggles - RFU update (March 2014) - please note all instructions and guidance in the document below MUST be followed and adhered to.

Playing Up/Down Form for season 2015-16

NRU Cyber Policy and Guidance

Copy of e-mail circulated 07.08.15 (with link included) regarding Case Management Process. 

Booking Courses - information. 

Copy of the January Safeguarding Update (e-mail from Alan on 09.01.16)

Safeguarding Guidance and Good Practice for Club Coaches and Volunteers 2015-16 - downloadable document 

Club Safeguarding Self Assessment Form - downloadable document.