NRU Shop

Please follow the link below which takes you to our page at RugbyGear where you can purchase county items.


Northumberland Rugby Union

For all playing kit.


Northumberland Rugby Union Referees Society

For dress shirts, rain jackets, whistles, note books, refereeing shirts, flags etc etc.

Delivery on all items is 10-14 working days.



Rhino Rugby - Northumberland Rugby Union in partnership with RHINO rugby – preferred supplier for all rugby equipment.

If you are looking for rugby equipment please consider the RHINO range as they are our preferred supplier of rugby balls, contact equipment, post protectors, scrum machines and mobile floodlights. Any purchases that you make benefit Northumberland Rugby Union, who are then able to further assist our Clubs, Universities, Colleges and Schools.

If you would like a quote on any equipment, please contact Andrew Hodgson at Sportsworld NE on 01665 604536 as he will be able to talk through the ranges with you so you get the best possible deal.

Rhino Rugby Video Clips for Coaches




Any queries regarding any of the above, please contact Andrew Hodgson at Sportsworld on 01665 604908.