Law and Regulation Updates

Please see attached Law Application Guideline on Zero tolerance on contact to the head.  Implementation date is 3 January 2017.


IRB Laws Site

New Concussion Management Standards and Education initiatives (download document at foot of page).


September 2015 - Law Clarification 7 (see PDF download at foot of page)


November 2014 - IRB Law clarifications for:

Laws 15.5 and 16.3

Law 6 – Law Amendment Trial – HIA Protocol

Law 13 – Kick Off and Restarts


October 2014 - IRB Law clarifications for:

Offside at the ruck    Offside at the Ruck - May 2014

Law 9 – Method of Scoring    IRB Law Clarification 3 - 2014

Under 16 County Game Competitions - see downloadable document at foot of page.



IRB Clarification - Lineout (posted 05.09.14) - for teams choosing not to engage at the lineout - download from foot of this page.


From Community Game Update No 1 - 5th September, the following regulation updates...

Change to Regulation 10:
A number of changes have been made to RFU Regulation 10 relating to cross-union matches and sevens. For a copy of the full regulation, please see The RFU has also created specific guidance on cross-union matches which are available HERE. Please review these regulation changes and note the revised process came into effect from 1 August 2014. For specific enquiries please contact

Change to Regulation 13:
The annual review of the RFU Regulations has resulted in some changes to RFU Regulation 13 that affect adult competitions and in particular, the playing of the Game on the pitch. A summary of these changes is set out HERE  and two flow charts have also been created to provide further guidance on Front Row Replacements and Uncontested Scrums which are also available via the link above.
Should you have any questions in relation to the changes or the flow charts, please contact

Women’s Regulations (New RFU Regulation 16):
From season 2014-15 onwards, the Women’s Regulations will no longer appear under a separate tab in the Handbook but are instead set out as a new RFU Regulation 16. The Women’s Regulations have also been rewritten to improve structure, format and legibility. RFU Regulation 16 can be accessed HERE Appendix 6 of RFU Regulation 19 can also be accessed HERE