Defibrillator Training

All trainer/instructor training has to be done via the RFU training programme. The AED sessions the Community Heartbeat Trust offer are for the staff/players/families/visitors (ie non-coaching) and they can receive if they wish an attendance certificate for this for CPD purposes. These sessions are designed for non-professionals and cover the background to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), The defibrillator, CPR, recovery position, and the process, and last about 2 hours. They can also be used as an annual refresher training for the coaches  etc, but not their official certification under agreement with the RFU. The cost of the first of these for a club is built into the defibrillator delivery. The suggestion would therefore be to run a session for the staff/players/families etc, and include your coaches as a refresher. (Awareness session)


The RFU have agreed a standard defibrillator offering (VIEW and G5 - see attached Rugby Packages Order) for clubs, which includes the first training/awareness session for the club. Subsequent sessions are organised with the clubs directly and we ask for a donation towards costs, usually £150-£200 range, to cover petrol, substance for the trainer, administration, etc.. All defibrillators are to be registered onto the WebNos Governance system, whether CHT supplied or not and any legacy systems, and also any training undertaken in the club also through the WebNos system. Thus we do need to capture the data from all our clubs. I have attached the form to undertake this. Northumberland Rugby Union asks every club with a defibrillator to fill this in and return please. (RFU WebnoS Registration).



Equipment types and costs are attached (Rugby Packages Order); grant aid for the initial purchase may be available.



Within the EFARU course syllabus BUT this is a 3 year cycle

Insurance - there is no legal requirement to have defibrillator training - Defibrillators (AEDs) should be able to be used by members of the public with or without training any formal training. However training is desirable, particularly to create confidence in the community, learn CPR, and to understand the processes.

Annual retraining is advised on formally trained people. 

Northumberland Rugby Union have limited funds to assist a club to organise training courses through the HeartBeat Trust.  We hope clubs will have registered their AED on the WebNos Governance scheme - form attached (WebNoS Registration). The HeartBeat Trust offer training only at circa £175 per session.