Immediate Care Practitioners

F.A.O. Club, County and Pathway Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and ICPs
Clubs have a responsibility towards the health and safety of those people who use the club facilities.  Due to rugby being a full contact sport the arrangements for players will need to reflect this. It is the club's responsibility to ensure that arrangements are in place so that participants receive appropriate immediate attention if they are injured until the emergency services arrive.
While there is a general requirement it is not reasonable or practicable to expect a Level 9 club to provide the same level of care as that provided in the Premiership.

Northumberland Rugby Union are assisting their clubs by providing three CPD courses.
The RFU provides two levels of course - Level 2 is one day and Level 3 is two days. 
The courses below do not replace the RFU courses and ICPs may decide in the future to attend a RFU course.

Northumberland Rugby Union are assisting their representative and club HCPs by providing 3 courses;

Session One - Monday 5th December at Whitley Bay Rockcliff, 6pm to 9pm 

Session Two - Wednesday 18th January at Newcastle Falcons, 6pm to 9pm 

Session Three - Monday 6th March at Novos, 6pm to 9pm

These courses will not cover practical training in CPR/BLS

Attendees must register with Cathryn Clark a minimum of 7 days before the course by email stating their name and involvement in rugby e.g. WBR 1st XV Physiotherapist. Cathryn can be contacted on 

Each session costs £15 and payment must be received prior to registering with Cathryn. Payment should be made using the paypal facility (link below), or send a cheque payable to Northumberland Rugby Union to the County Office, or pay by direct bank transfer (bank account details on request from county office) stating which course is being paid for.

This fee will be forwarded to the host club after the course to pay for the facilities.  If a person is attending 2 courses the cost is £30, 3 courses £45.  If you are from the host club (Falcons, Novos or WBR) you do not pay for the session at that club. 

Newcastle Falcons are supporting these courses and are giving any person attending a ticket to a European match at Kingston Park. 

Northumberland Rugby Union are covering the costs of the tutor Cathryn Clark.