RugbySafe Forum - December (Feedback)

THANK YOU for attending the RugbySafe Forum on 4th, December at Gosforth RFC

Attached is:

- Rachel's presentation - RugbySafe Roadshow Sendout

- Alan Moses Presentation - RugbySafe Key Links to RugbySafe, Headcase and Activate also instructions for setting up an EFARU course

- Chris Davy presentation, circulated before the meeting

- A precis of your thoughts on the rugby union areas policies for the future


Below are the main recommendations for consideration from your responses; these have been agreed by myself with Cathryn Clark and endorsed by NRU Governance

- Two clubs did not send representative[s] or forward apologies, Action Chris Davy is to contact these clubs to ascertain if they require immediate and future assistance

- Can we expect a EFARU trained volunteer per team - YES, in our society it is preferable to have a certificate of competence in case of litigation.

- Additional First Aid EFARU courses - YES, finance from  NRU PFR, RFU All School budget, NRU Charitable Trust. Action  Plans - clubs, schools, FE & HE to be agreed by the end of March 2018 with the financial support in place to enable first aid courses to commence during the summer in preparation for September 2018. 

NB This type of First Aid course normally costs £120, the RFU are already subsidising to enable a £50 cost.  There does need to be a 3 year cycle when budgeting

- ICPs - partnerships with Newcastle College to be considered; this may be instigated by a Club agreement with mentoring included as part of the commitment of the Club

- N'bria, a First Aid course was organised at N'bria in 2016; due to their Physiotherapy and Sports Studies courses NRU wish to evolve a programme of support beneficial to both NRU CB Clubs and N'bria University students.  A meeting will be arranged with Northumbria University. Action Chris Davy and Cathryn Clark

-Concussion - can an ICP be trained to 'clear' prior to and within GRTP?  No due to International Medical guidelines

-Clarity of statement from RFU re GP involvement? RFU to consider replacing the word CLEAR with REVIEW Action Rachel to respond appropriately

- A card for the brain injured player to take to their GP, A&E?  YES for Age-Grade a card to take to the GP after 14 days and then 28 days as per the RFU web site; for adults a card to take to their ICP after 14 days and GP after 19 days.  Action player (age-grade with their parent/guardian) to show their GP a resume of their symptoms and the GRTP to assist the GP when reviewing their case.

Defibrillator - annual community courses with an accredited certificate of competence.  Clubs to be encouraged to register their defibrillator; annual courses led by HeartBeat Trust or St John's or ?  to be available for season 2018-19. Action Chris Davy and Cathryn to identify a provider of a Certificate of Competence of CPR and using a defibrillator

We hope you have had an excellent Christmas and Wish you a Prosperous New Year

Chris Davy & Cathryn Clark