Advice for Clubs - DBS Checks for Coaches

Advice for Clubs - DBS Checks for Coaches and all those having regular supervisory contact with children


All clubs must ensure that all those who are in regular contact with children must be DBS checked and have a valid disclosure certificate issued by the RFU before they can supervise children.

Those who do not can coach/supervise children for up to eight weeks only under the supervision of someone who has a current DBS certificate.  If they have not received a disclosure certificate after eight weeks they must not continue to coach or supervise under any circumstances.

This RFU regulation applies to all those in regular contact with children regardless of whether they have a full time, part time or only casual commitment with a club. All applications for a DBS certificate must now be made on line through the Club Safeguarding Officer and it should now take no more than a week  for a certificate to be issued.

Any new coach that is appointed at your club and says that he/she has a DBS certificate must have this checked by the Club Safeguarding Officer. Only coaches that have been issued with a DBS Disclosure Certificate through the RFU can coach rugby unsupervised.

It is not sufficient for a DBS application to have been made by a person for them to coach/supervise at a club.  The DBS disclosure certificate must have been issued and the disclosure number recorded by the Safeguarding Officer or other senior official at the club.

It is now NRU Policy that any person (e.g. coach/manager) with a lapsed DBS should not be allowed to undertake their role until such time as the renewal has been applied for.  Once the DBS has been applied for, the coach/manager may undertake his/her roles under supervision of someone with a valid DBS until such time as the new document arrives. It is recommended that all clubs should adopt this policy as well.