Child Protection for Match Officials

Child Protection for Match Officials


Match officials should

  • Recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment when officiating young players.
  • Provide verbal feedback in a positive way during games.
  • Appreciate the needs of the players.
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Recognise that safety is paramount.
  • Explain decisions – most young players are still learning.
  • Do not tolerate verbal abuse.
  • Administer First Aid (where applicable).


Officials should not

  • Change in the same area as young players.
  • Shower with young players – agree with the coaches a timetable.
  • Be alone with young players at any time – if a young player comes into the dressing room ensure another adult is present.
  • Check studs without the coach being present.
  • Allow a young player to continue playing if you have doubts about their fitness.
  • Tolerate bad language from young players.
  • Engage in any inappropriate contact with young players.
  • Give a lift to a player unless there are other young people or adults in the car and the parents are aware.
  • Take a young player to your home.
  • Overtly criticise young players or use language which may cause the player to lose confidence or self esteem.
  • Make sexually explicit remarks to young players even in fun.


Officials must always

Report, in writing, to the Club or CB Safeguarding Manager and/or Referees Society Secretary, behaviour by adults with you feel contravenes RFU Child Protection Policy

  • Verbal bullying by coaches/parents/spectators.
  • Physical abuse by coaches/parents/spectators.
  • Inappropriate or aggressive contact by an adult to a young person.
  • Verbal abuse directed at you by young people or adults.


Remember “The welfare of all young people is paramount.”