Tours in England - Age Grade Rugby

Clubs that plan to organise a tour or host an incoming tour, must ensure that procedures laid down in the RFU  "Touring with Children. A Safeguarding Guide"  are followed and the relevent County Tour Permission Forms are completed.


England Tours - Youth Only (outgoing)

This form is for outgoing tours within England.  Forms should be completed and sent to the County Office for signing off. Once completed forms are received, the Hon Secretary or another Senior County Official will sign off and the completed document will be returned to you with copies also sent to the Club Safeguarding Officer, Club Secretary and Chair of Youth.  

If an overnight stay is involved in your plans, this is classed as a tour.

Clubs must ensure adequate insurance is in place.

If you need any advice on completion of tour forms, please contact the County Office.


Please ensure that all necessary risk assessment checks have been undertaken as you would on any other normal match day (whether home or away) and ensure that paperwork showing the assessment has taken place has been filed as appropriate.

If you need assistance with risk assessments, Percy Park RFC Health and Safety (risk assessment) forms can also be found here. Percy Park are happy for clubs in county to use their paperwork as templates, however you need to alter logos and some wording on pages used, as the examples all contain reference to Percy Park. 

CSOs should be involved in the planning process and should be kept informed of progress and should have sight of tour forms before they are submitted.