Northumberland Rugby Union Concussion Protocol

This protocol is for all rugby players playing in club, school, college, university, in rugby union representative squads and rugby league who have signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion.  It is vital that these situations are recognised as there can be serious consequences if the player sustains another concussion before recovery.

When a player sustains a head/neck injury or is suspected of such, the player must be attended by a suitably trained person who is confident to assess the injury and look for signs of concussion.  RFU Guidelines recommend every team has access to a qualified First Aider as a minimum requirement. 

Ultimately the referee has the over-riding power of veto; if the referee is not satisfied with the condition of the injured player, the referee can insist on the player’s removal from the field of play. Law 3.10.


RFU Headcase

Clubs, Schools, Universities and Representative squads must follow the RFU Concussion advice and GRTP recommendations.  Full details of the RFU protocols and GRTP can be found here.


Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool

The RFU and Northumberland Rugby Union recommends the use of Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool (symptoms and signs check list) and this can be found here.


RFU online Headcase modules can be found here