Age-Grade (Under 19) players - suspected concussion

Age-Grade (U19) players - suspected concussion

If the concussion happens at a school game, where possible, and with the consent of the parents, the player’s club should be informed.  Clubs, DPP, Representative Teams, Falcons Academy and rugby league have the same responsibility to ensure schools are informed. To achieve consistency in this regard we ask that all confirmed concussions be reported to Northumberland Rugby Union (email so that information sharing can be achieved consistently and with the proper consents. It is imperative parents/guardians of Age-Grade players take responsibility for the welfare of their child and ensure they do not play if concussion is suspected.  Parents/guardians should be advised to pass information between the various organisations their child is involved in.

If a player has been removed from play due to a possible concussion then that player should adhere to Graduated Return to  Play (GRTP) as there is no formal Head Injury Assessment (HIA) for players in the amateur game.  Further advice will be available when requested.

Clubs, Schools, Universities and Representative squads must follow the RFU Concussion advice and GRTP recommendations.  Full details of the RFU protocols and GRTP can be found here