Activate - Injury Prevention

Activate - Injury Prevention

“Activate” is the RFU’s Injury Prevention Exercise Programme, which can be incorporated into training and pre-match sessions. These exercises are formulated to enhance functional and core strength, balance, and agility, aiding players in coping with the physical requirements of the sport.

Engaging in Activate exercises on a regular basis can achieve the following:

  1. Enhance playing performance.
  2. Prepare players for the physical challenges of the game.
  3. Lower the likelihood of injury, including concussion, and assist in post-injury rehabilitation.
  4. Increase player availability, as fewer players are sidelined due to injuries.

Activate Be Ready! Videos

Activate exercises can be employed to concentrate on enhancing functional strength and control of movement in specific body areas. This aids in decreasing the likelihood of injury and provides support for rehabilitation after an injury.

Activate 8 Videos

The Activate 8 body positions are crucial for achieving proper form in the Activate exercises. Having good technique in these exercises is vital to assist in the development of functional strength and movement control.

Activate - Game Based Approach Videos

Coaches and teachers can adjust the programme according to the number of training sessions per week and the players’ abilities. For instance, they can incorporate the exercises into a game-based warm-up routine.

The most critical factor is the quality of the exercise. The exercises need to be performed with control, emphasizing proper form over speed or quantity.

The Activate Game-based Approach playlist gives illustrations of various ways the Activate programme can be integrated into game-based sessions.

Activate - Kids, Youth, & Adult

Further to the information that is already available on this page, there is additional resources on the Keep Your Boots On – Activate website. This includes more than 200 additional videos covering kids, youth, and adult rugby. 

Visit this incredible resource by clicking on the button below. 

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