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The message being received from young players is they want to play alongside their friends as part of a team. 

Players, parents and coaches across the country have fed back to the RFU that ensuring fairness and inclusivity for all players is paramount to them.

That’s why the half-game rule was introduced in Age Grade matches in 2019.

This rule guarantees that every individual in the match-day squad plays for at least half the available game time.

To understand how you can apply the half-game rule in your club, school, or college, please refer to the resources below.

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Half Game an Introduction

Half Game - FAQs

Age Grade players tell us that they want to play, and that being part of the team is the most important thing to them about rugby. They don’t want to sit on the bench and only get a few minutes of rugby at the end of a match. Universally
accepted child development models show that playing is
linked to a child’s enjoyment, self-esteem and confidence,
which in turn is linked to their intent to continue to play.

This rule aims to increase player enjoyment, aid player development and ultimately retain Age Grade players in rugby. We are also signalling our commitment to equality to ensure that All Age Grade players have the same opportunity to play. This is a really positive message to aid recruitment
as England Rugby can celebrate it is a sport which guarantees players at least half a game. 

Our evaluation by University of Essex showed that whilst the
half game rule was widely adopted voluntarily in 2018-19, there are some adults who will choose not to implement it unless they have to. We want to ensure that all players get to play half a game regardless of the type of activity, their age
or where they play rugby.

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