Northumberland RFU Cup Competitions 2023/24

Northumberland RFU Cup Competitions 2023/24

Following the helpful Chair of Rugby meeting held before the presentations evening on the 31st May, a sense of what the clubs would like for this coming season was understood.  Below is the finalised cup structure for this season (with some cup structures amended following discussion on the 31st).  We have also received some mails on the subject and content of those mails have also been taken into account when looking at the cup offering.

Cup Tied Players

Last season we had a number of breaches of the rules due to flexibility in the rules and wanting to help clubs get teams onto a pitch.  The flexibility afforded in the last two seasons is now being removed as clubs have had two seasons back post covid.

Northumberland Rugby RugbySafe Workshops

Clubs are encouraged to communicate with each other (Club Chairs of Rugby) and if an agreement is reached around cup tied players, the county office MUST be informed in writing on what the agreement is and the players must be clearly identified.  If subsequently a complaint is received around that particular match, the matter investigated and the complaint upheld, the offending team will be removed from the competition. 

It should also be stated that if a complaint is received and investigated or if match card scrutiny identifies a breach of integrity around the rules, and it is found that players have been played who are cup tied, the offending team will be removed from the competition.

If in doubt contact Claire at the County Office who can advise. If Claire is not available, contact Craig Johnston or Ken Fraser.

Senior Cup

(Berwick have withdrawn due to a change in the Scottish league structure and they don’t want to mess anyone around)

Teams – Alnwick, Morpeth, Northern, Percy Park, Tynedale Raiders

Prelim Round | 7th October

Game Number Home Team Away Team
Game 1
Percy Park RFC
Alnwick RFC

Semi Finals | 28th October or 25th November

Game Number Home Team Away Team
Game 2
Northern FC
Morpeth RFC
Game 3
Tynedale Raiders
Winner Game 1

Final | Date TBC by Participating Clubs

Game Number Finalist Finalist
Game 4
Winner Game 2
Winner Game 3

Re Final – date to be confirmed to suit participants.  

If clubs cannot agree a date, then either Weds 24th or Sat 27th April will be selected for you by Competitions Committee. 

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