Player Approaches

Player Recruitment and Retention: Approaching Players from Another Club

The development of the game of rugby union is one of the core principles of Northumberland Rugby Union. It is essential that the grass roots of the game are protected and individual clubs are not put in jeopardy by losing valuable player resources.

It is accepted that movement of players is inevitable for a number of reasons including individual player development, and these guidelines are not intended to hinder the free movement of players between clubs within the County. However, it is essential that clubs who promote and develop talent should be aware of any approach by another club for one of their club members.

Player Approach Guidelines

  1. Where a club wishes to make an approach to a player who is registered as a club member with another club, then the approach MUST be made from the Head of Section / Head Coach to a counterpart of the other club.


  1. No direct approach to any individual player by a club official is to be made until point 1 above has been completed.

    Point one is a courtesy to the current club to make them aware that a player approach is being made.

    Once the contact has been made with an official from the current club, the approaching club shall be afforded 48 hours to contact the player.

    The current club for the player being approached cannot stop contact from another club as players should always have choice and the freedom to move should they wish to.


  1. Once the player has been contacted, if they have declined the approach, then no further approach should be made by the approaching club. 


County Coaches and Team Managers

It is NOT acceptable for approaches to be made by county officials including coaches to any representative player whilst the player is on representative duty.

Please adhere to the guidelines stated above. Failure to comply with the above process may be in breach of RFU Regulation 7 (player approaches) and you may be at risk of receiving reduced support from the CB on future endeavours.

If you need any further clarity around the above, please contact Dave Challenger, NRU Director of Rugby by e-mail  / Mobile  07540 891099.

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