Age Grade Playing Down Form | Regulation 15

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Please reference Regulation 15.3 (playing up criteria) BEFORE completing this form.
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Criteria – Regulation 15.4.1

A | The player must be in a younger academic year at school/college than the player’s academic birth year;


B | The player’s safety may be compromised due to their small stature in comparison to other players in the same age grade or due to a developmental or behavioural issue.

Assessment & Safeguarding

Please confirm that a player assessment has been carried out based on the best practice guidelines notes in Regulation 15.4.2.
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For Under 13s and above, there must be written parental / guardian consent that they agree to the player playing down.
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The Club MUST agree to give the opposing team at least 48 hours notice of a player playing down.

Form Submission

This form MUST be signed off BEFORE the player plays down. Please do not allow the player to play down until signed off paperwork has been sent back to the club (copied to Club Chair of Age Grade and CSO) as this will invalidate insurance and create a safeguarding issue.

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