Age Grade Rugby – Season Start Reminder

Age Grade Rugby - Season Start Reminder - Northumberland Rugby

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With the new season fast approaching, we’d like to remind all coaches of best practices when it comes to Age Grade Rugby.

Half Game Rule:

All teams at all age groups in Northumberland should look to implement and follow the Half Game rule.

More information, useful tips and support can be found in our resources section, or via our dedicated Half Game page. 

Duration of matches:

Regulation 15.11.3 states the following: Matches must be brought to an end if:  (a) at Under 7s to Under 13s the try difference rises to more than six; or (b) at Under 14s to Under 18s (including the girls dual U14/13 age band) the points difference is more than 50 points.

One-sided matches do not help players develop, Coaches should work together to find ways to keep scores closer and outcomes unknown for as long as possible.

Social Media:

Posts about results and opposition should be respectful and adhere to the RFU Code of conduct, please keep an eye out for club or group posts that breach safeguarding guidelines and try to avoid reporting scores in one sided matches.

Hope you all have a great, fun and creative season and look forward to seeing you around the pitches.

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