Northumberland RFU Constituent Body Representative

Northumberland RFU Representative Election

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Northumberland RFU Constituent Body Representative


Along with 50% of the world’s population engaging in general elections this year, the RFU Council is also holding elections. The Northumberland representative role is up for election. Attached are the details of the role, nomination process, election process, and timescale. This is a lengthy RFU document and so we have also provided four extracts, covering the main points:-


·       Job description

·       RFU Rules

·       Terms of Office

·       Election Timeline


Together with the summary below. Please consider carefully whether you wish to stand for the role or want to encourage others to do so. Each Club holds one vote so please engage with your own club’s process for choosing your preferred candidate. As ever please call the County Office with any questions or queries about any aspect of the process.


The Role


·       Represent the views of constituents (clubs) to the RFU and act as a channel of communication to and fro

·       Participate in the activities of the Council in oversight of the board of the RFU, determining policies and regulations, apply the Rules of the RFU

·       Ambassador for Northumberland and the RFU generally

·       Exercise independent judgment acting in the interests of rugby as a whole ie. a representative, not a delegate, of their constituents.




·       It is estimated this equates to 25 days per year of which there are 4 formal Council meetings

·       Participation in relevant Council sub-committees and working groups

·       Host County guests at Twickenham and away international matches

·       A mixture of face to face and virtual meetings

·       Term of office is 3 years from 1st August 2024




·       The role is fully recompensed in line with RFU policies – all reasonable travel, accommodation and expenses are covered by the RFU for all activities

·       Hospitality – to act as a host for Northumberland County guests at international matches. This usually involves:

o   Fully funded hospitality, lunch and dinner, alongside 2 tickets for every home international held at Twickenham

o   Fully funded travel and hospitality alongside 2 tickets for one away international per year



If anyone is interested in standing as a candidate and want to know more I am sure Penny Stewart, the current incumbent will be happy to share her experience. Penny can be contacted on – and the County office will also direct people to relevant RFU officials for more detail and insight into the role.


The Process and Timescale


The Electorate

Votes are cast by full member Clubs. In the event of a tied election the CB board have a casting vote.


The Process


The County Office will administer the process and ensure a fair and legitimate election. We will conduct an electronic voting process with the opportunity for candidates to submit a CV (max 2 pages) and a written manifesto (max 500 words) which will be publicised on the County website.


1.      Call for nominations                                                   22nd January

2.      Closure of nominations                                               1st March

3.      Publication of candidate CVs and manifestos               15th March

4.      Voting                                                                        28th March

5.      Inform RFU of outcome                                               1st April


·       Nominations – a candidate needs to be nominated by 2 clubs or by the CB and 1 club. Nominations must be received by the County Office in writing (email is acceptable). There are no qualification criteria for standing as a candidate and candidates do not need to be Club members or involved in Club or County administration or leadership.

·       Voting – full Club members and the CB each have one vote. Each Club needs to follow its own procedure for deciding how it casts its vote.


This is an important role in helping shape and influence the future of rugby at a national level and providing the whole of Northumberland with a voice in that process. The Board encourages people to consider carefully who might be best placed to take on this role, particularly as the game evolves to meet the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century.



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