Outgoing Cross Border Form – Adult and Mini/Youth

This form must be completed in full and sent to your constituent body as soon as possible and ideally no less than one month prior to the start of the proposed tour.

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Section 3

NOTE: We will not accept UK Tour Operator details

Section 4 – Dates

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DD slash MM slash YYYY

Section 5 – Matches to be played

NB the union that you visit may have different regulations (for example regulations relating to age grades), adopt different age grading or be trialling different law variations. Inadvance of the tour, clubs should ensure that they are aware of the Rules and Regulations applicable in that union and communicate with the opposition to ensure a balanced and safe match.
Date of Match
Age Group

Section 6 – Composition of Party

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Section 7 – Risk Assessment

Please download and complete the risk assessment before re-uploading the completed version.
Max. file size: 256 MB.

Section 8 – Host Club Declaration

On behalf of the club, I hereby confirm that:

1 – All players are covered by the appropriate insurance with adequate cover for rugby activity, travel and any other non-rugby activities undertaken on tour, including legal, medical and repatriation costs.

2 – The club agrees that the RFU or CB shall have the power to take disciplinary action in relation to players and other personnel in respect of all matches involving its clubs regardless of whether the match is played in England or in another union.

3 – the club has completed a risk assessment and that the Touring with Children Guide has been followed in relation to age-grade tours.

4 – The information and statements set out in this form are true and correct.

5 – The committee fully endorse this tour application.
DD slash MM slash YYYY

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