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– Approval for a male or female 17-year-old to play adult rugby is required under Regulation 15. Due to new Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and Safeguarding Requirements from 2019 this is a 2-stage process.

– The Club need approval by completing this Club Approval Form and process; and each individual player must be approved, by completing the Playing Adult Rugby – Player Approval Form and process.

– This form should be read and actioned alongside the Age Grade Codes of Practice at

The purpose of this form is to help clubs prepare for the possibility of 17 year olds playing up into the adult game. Legally, whatever their physical and emotional characteristics, 17 year olds are still children and we have a duty to ensure that their welfare is protected.

To enable a Constituent Body (CB) to give consent that 17 year olds may play adult rugby at a club, there is an expectation that this form is completed every season. Please be aware that club eligibility for 17 year olds to play up into the adult game may be revoked by the CB or RFU if significant concerns are raised in relation to discipline or safeguarding.
To be completed by Club: It is a requirement of RFU Regulation 15 that this form is fully completed, signed and submitted to the Constituent Body (CB) for approval every season. Please note: Until this approval by the CB is received, the club cannot apply for any individual 17 year old to play in their adult teams.

To be completed by the club

Even where there are no age grade teams, there is a requirement that clubs who have children playing up into the adult game appoint a CSO.
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If not yet completed, give date and location of the course applied for (this must be asap and no later than in six months’ time).
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