U16s Girls ERDPP Programme Nominations Now Open

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Nominations are now open for the U16s Girls ERDPP Programme. 

Please use the GASP form attached to nominate your players (one form per player) and please make sure that the information required at the top of the form is fully completed as invites to players will be sent out using the e-mail address provided on the nomination form.

Please only nominate your best players. 

We do not want to invite players new to the game or still developing some of the basic elements of the game as they will find themselves out of their depth and we do not want to shatter their confidence. 

Ben (Lead Coach) has an open-door policy and players who may not be ready for this programme right now can be invited at a later date during the season when they have time back at their club or school to develop their skills further.  

For your information, players were brought into the programme during the season last year and this worked well, as the girls were ready to join and were not under pressure to perform at levels above their skill set.  The 2 or 3 months back at club first made a big difference so please consider what is in the best interests of your players before you decide to nominate.

The nomination window closes on the 14th of August and invites will be sent to players that week.

The Girls ERDPP is a two-year and season-long programme starting mid-September and players nominated need to be prepared to commit to the full programme which includes three playing opportunities in January, February and March.  

The following players – part of the U16s ERDPP this last season – do not need to be re-nominated as their registration rolls over to year two (ie the new season) automatically and they will automatically receive invites to participate in the season 2023-24 programme.   

Cerys Blakesley-Spicer (Morpeth / KEVI)
India King (Novos / Gosforth Academy)
Hannah McKenzie (Whitley Bay Rockcliff / St Thomas More)
May Murray (Tynedale / QEHS, Hexham)
Annabel Rainbow (Morpeth / Dame Allans)
Chloe Tristram (Novos / Gosforth Academy)
Ruby Wilkinson (Tynedale  / QEHS, Hexham)
Matilda Woodhall (Whitley Bay Rockcliff / St Thomas More)

Also, for information, the girls that now move out of the U16s ERDPP due to moving up to the U18s age band will automatically be invited to participate in the County Under 18s Girls programme which starts in October.   There will be a nomination process for this group as well and we will be in touch about this in due course.

If you have any queries about the Under 16s programme, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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