an Introduction to A Player on a Page

A Player on a Page

Rugby strives to be an inclusive sport. “Player on a page” profiles help relationships between a coach and a neurodiverse player. A player on a page profile is about a player. It captures all the important information under some simple headings.

It allows players to have a voice. It’s used to describe how to support them. To have their strengths acknowledged and appreciated. This helps to raise their wellbeing and confidence.

The one-page player profile is simple and straightforward to complete. Based on a template used in education, it has the following headings:

  • What people appreciate about me?
  • What is important to me?
  • How best to support me.

How can one page player profiles help?

  • Coaches get to know their player and the players parents/ carer’s piece of mind.
  • The partnership develops between the coach and the player (and their parents or carer).
  • The player can have more player centered care and support to achieve goals.
  • The coach will understand the player better and know how best to support them.
  • It’s an effective way for the player to communicate about themselves.
  • Coaches get to know their players better. Players’ preferred way of coaching or how to support their learning and development and so on.


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